About Me

Hey folks! I’m Erin, a 26 year old based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. By day I work as a Process Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry, and by night, weekend, and any spare time I can find I chase after my love of Powerlifting, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, The Outdoors, and Photography. Also, terrible puns.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, and have always considered myself a city girl, though I’ve always loved exploring new places and spending time outside. I got my first taste of Alberta and the Canadian Rockies during a summer spent in Calgary as an intern while I was a Chemical Engineering undergrad, and I fell in love. I moved out west full time after I graduated.

After finishing school, starting a full-time job, and finally walking away from a number of years spent figure skating competitively, I was looking for something to keep me active that wouldn’t be as hard on my body as skating was. That’s when I was introduced to Crossfit, and eventually powerlifting. The diversity, strength, and competitive sides of both sports drew me in and haven’t let me go since. Follow me as I prep for powerlifting meets (I hope to make the 100% RAW Canadian team this year), Crossfit competitions, and my general day-to-day training.

When I’m not in the gym, I love to get out and explore both home and away. My goal is to visit all seven continents by the time I’m 30, and at 25 I’m 4/7th of the way there! When big trips aren’t in the cards, I head out to the mountains to hike, ski, camp, climb, or just hang out and take pictures. I’ll share stories from past trips big and small, and let you guys know how plans for upcoming expeditions are coming along as well.

At the end of the day I still have no idea what I’m doing. Follow along with me while I try to figure it all out?