Timeraiser 2016: Volunteer Celebration

Towards the end of last year I had the opportunity to join the organizing team for Timeraiser Calgary. Timeraiser is a national organization with local chapters in most major Canadian cities. They run an art auction with a twist; art is purchased from local artists, and auctioned off in exchange for volunteer hours for local non-profits. Emerging artists are paid fair market price for their work, local non-profits are matched with skilled volunteers, attendees get to experience a great night and possibly win some great art. I got involved because I think it’s a great, fresh concept where everyone wins. 

Unfortunately, due to funding issues, our original event had to be cancelled and we wound up scheduling a much smaller ‘volunteer celebration’ event, where we looked back at what the organization was able to accomplish, and last year’s art winners came to pick up their art.

What was kind of cool about this is I got to shoot the event, since our now shoestring budget wouldn’t cover our original photographer, but we still wanted to capture the event. This was my first go at indoor event shooting, a bit of a stretch from my normal work outdoors, but I jumped at the chance to challenge myself. Check out the gallery from the event below.

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All in all the event was a tremendous success considering the last minute challenges that were thrown our way. Let me know what you think of the gallery, and be sure to keep an eye out for future Timeraiser news. There’s lots of support in Calgary for this great organization, so it’s sure to be back in the not-too-distant future.

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