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I’ve got some pretty freaking exciting news to share with you guys. Well, I’m pretty excited for it anyways. As of this weekend I’m officially partnered up with Skratch Labs and Raceday Fuel as an ambassador/ athlete! Those who know/ follow me have probably heard me mention either or both of these guys in the past, and I’m so thrilled I get to work with them even more moving forward.

Skratch Labs


Skratch is a supplement company based out of Colorado. They got their start in the cycling world, but have recently been branching out to other athletic/ active areas as well. Their main product line, which I was introduced to last year, is a series of hydration mixes for anything from every day use to treating severe dehydration. I cannot say enough about these mixes, they are AMAZING. I use their daily mixes regularly, and their exercise mix is great for after a super-sweaty WOD or an active day out in the sun. I also used their even more intense rescue mix for rehydrating after my weigh in at my last meet, and it was a game changer. Skratch has done their research when it comes to hydration, and their focus is on using real ingredients, and fuelling your body with what it needs (sodium and potassium) and not what it doesn’t (lots of sugary foolishness).

As if that wasn’t good enough, they’ve also got some amazing cookbooks, and they make a fantastic cookie mix. Even the most beginner chef can master these cookies, and they’re delicious. Seriously, if nothing else, give this cookie mix a try.

Raceday Fuel


I was first introduced to Toronto-based Raceday Fuel when I was looking to pick up some more Skratch Labs goodies. Raceday is Canada’s top online e-tailer for hydration and nutritional products for endurance and active lifestyle athletes. They are also in charge of the Skratch Labs Ambassador program in Canada. Have no fear, Canadian shoppers, Raceday is saving us from that awful exchange rate!

In addition to the great Skratch products I just mentioned, Raceday also carries a number of other great brands including Nuun, Picky Bars, and Kewaza. They’ve also got some cool non-food goodies like sunscreen and moisturizers. They focus on quality products that fuel your performance, and their customer service is amazing. These guys really go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy – they even rushed out some Skratch goodies for me so I was ready to go in time for a competition. Amazing, right? I can’t wait to start exploring their product lines more and sharing some more info about their other goodies with you guys.

Get In On The Action

All of this sounds pretty cool, right? But wait – it gets better! You all are able to use my discount code – ERINM10 – at This code will get you 10% off any and all purchases. Plus, Canadian shipping is free for orders over $99! How amazing is that?!

Give this stuff a try and let me know what you think!

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