A Note on Training Partners

I have such a bad habit of writing massive essays, so I’ll try to make this a bit more concise 😛

I used to, well ok I still do, complain about how no one who works up at the plant really lifts/ trains the same way I do. I have such awesome people to train with when I’m in town, but that’s only 2-3 days/ week tops since I’m at the plant for 4. I used it a lot as an excuse to skip training days and generally have my own pity party

Then I had one of our integrity engineers drop a couple subtle, ‘didn’t see you at the gym last night’ hints at lunch.

Then, in a project update meeting, I had a maintenance scheduler yell out, ‘nah, she’s been too busy skipping the gym’ for one of my project updates.

Then, I had a construction manager roll into my office with the opening line, ‘I hear your a lazy asshole now.’

Then I realized something.

It’s awesome to have great training teams who are on the same programming as you, do the same style of training you do, and understand all yourgoofy, meathead powerlifting/ crossfit jokes. But just because you don’t have your ideal support system in place doesn’t mean it’s not there. Sometimes getting to the gym for a training session after a long day, just so your maintenance team doesn’t call you out at the morning meeting the next day, is all the motivation you need. At least that’s what I’m starting to understand.


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