Hello, March!

Well, in spite of my best efforts to deny it, it looks like we’re already at the third month of the year. Hey there March, how’s it going?

IMG_8041 copy
2 days later and the hands are still shredded – C2B status!

We’re already one week into the Crossfit Open and I can’t get over the difference I’m seeing this year. First off, I was able to totally Rx 16.1, which meant a whole bunch of chest to bar pull ups! It’s crazy to think that two years ago, during the 2014 Open, I could barely complete a regular chin over the bar pull up. Now I can crank out strict pull up, chest to bars, and even butterfly chin over the bar pull ups! Definitely proof that although day to day you may not feel like you’re making progress, little steps each day add up over time.

This year the Open is somewhat similar to last year for me in that I wasn’t sure if I should sign up/ I wasn’t super excited about signing up. Last year I was in the process of moving from Cold Lake to Calgary, was working week in/week out shifts (with night shifts!) and generally was just in the middle of a bunch of big changes that had caused my training to take a bit of a back seat. I said ‘screw it’ and competed anyways, and blew my expectations out of the water. This year, I’m caught in the middle of a lot of stressful things going on and I know my training isn’t where I want it to be, but I’m training at a great affiliate in Calgary and wanted to be part of the Open again. Just getting to complete 16.1 in a great facility was worth it – not to mind I’m sitting in my best spot in the Canada West standings ever! Needless to say, this Open is off to an awesome start.

Since surviving the Open is apparently not enough, I also have my first 100% Raw powerlifting meet coming up in May. I’ve signed up for the 60kg class (down from the 67.5kg class I competed in last year) and though my strength cycles have been moving along well, my weight isn’t coming down as quickly as I had hoped. This is somewhat acting as my declaration to my meal plan, since as of today I basically have 2 months to drop 10-12lbs if I have any hope of making weight. Time to clamp down on those macros, drink lots of water, and metcons for days! I’ll be sharing lots about my meal prep, dealing with the limited food selection at work, and balancing my crazy-ass job with this training regimen.

Recipe ideas and weight-cutting tips welcome! Do you have a restart-resolution for March?

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